Your hiring and candidate data is secure with Outmatch

Over 1,000 global companies trust Outmatch to help them deliver a radically better hiring experience. We put your security first to deliver on that promise.

Compliance is at our core

Everyday, Outmatch handles incredibly sensitive candidate and organizational data for more than a thousand companies. We comply with the most important global data protection and security frameworks.

  • Data Processing Agreements We outline the processing we perform on behalf of our customers, the type of data we collect and process, and how we secure and protect the data and the rights of customers and others.

  • Data Protection Officer Outmatch has a dedicated officer to provide oversight on compliance activities, policy, process and controls for customer data protection.

  • GDPR Compliance We treat all data in a way to ensure GDPR compliance and we also offer data center options in the EU to minimize the amount of cross-border data transfer that may be required. When cross-border transfers are needed, we take the necessary steps to ensure strictest compliance with GDPR.

  • CCPA compliance Outmatch maintains policies, controls and processes to comply with the CCPA. In our role as a service provider for customers, we never sell customer data or individual data.

Data and infrastructure

Outmatch has built a resilient, secure infrastructure that delivers exceptional uptime for customers and candidates.

Secure hosting

We host our applications and customer data in secure data centers in cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. These industry-leading providers include on-site physical security, robust environment controls and more.

Resilience, backup and recovery

Outmatch’s web-based applications are designed for fault tolerance and scalability. We can expand resources automatically to meet customer demand. We use cloud-based solutions for backup and rapid recovery of customer data in the event of a more substantial outage at a hosting provider. Our disaster recovery process is regularly audited to ensure it’s working in case of a real emergency.

Monitoring and Uptime

Outmatch constantly monitors its production infrastructure for performance and stability and has staff that can react to critical issues 24/7. We provide a minimum of 99.9% uptime and transparency with a status page available to everyone.


Outmatch takens a multifaceted approach to ensuring every part of our infrastructure is secure.


We use encryption in transit over public networks and at rest to ensure sensitive customer data is consistently protected.

Vulnerability defense

Outmatch leverages a third party for independent penetration testing to supplement our own automated scanning. We deploy intrusion detection and prevention systems in both our hosted and employee computing environments to mitigate risk.


We actively monitor US-CERT and vendor notifications for published vulnerabilities and rapidly patch hardware and software systems. We also prioritize the most critical and severe vulnerabilities for rapid remediation.

Application development

We integrate security testing into all of the products we produce with a secure software development life cycle.

Role-based access controls

Customers can choose from roles with different permission sets when providing access to their users to Outmatch products. We require unique user IDs, strong passwords and, in some cases, two-factor authentication to minimize the potential for unauthorized account use.

The Outmatch Hiring Experience Stack

Our Hiring Experience Stack lets the candidate drive through an automated hiring workflow. It creates an impactful employer brand experience, giving immediate feedback to every applicant. Just stack on your existing ATS and go.

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Outmatch enterprise-grade security ensures that sensitive data stays right where it’s supposed to be.

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