Automatically improve quality of hire and reduce turnover by 3x with reference checks

Outmatch Reference transforms manual reference checks into a valuable, data-rich tool for recruiting teams.

Reference checking provides a better experience for candidates at the finish line

The typical reference checking process can take as long as a week and they rarely lead to any changes to hiring decisions. Instead of abandoning them, Outmatch helps you complete reference checks in one to two days, with more participation and better results.

Outmatch Reference Features

Simple integrations:
Connect to your ATS and other systems in hours or days, not weeks
Over 370 pre-built job profiles:
Covers roles from frontline employees to the C-Suite
In-product analytics:
Get real-time insights into usage, efficiency, diversity and more

Get recruiters off of reference calls

Our fully automated reference checking solution gives back time for recruiters to connect with more candidates.

Improve response rate and time

A simple five-minute survey assures a candidate that you’ll get feedback from more references, not just the ones with time for a conversation.

Complete reference checks faster

Receive a full report with the candidate’s overall score, plus feedback from each reference within 24 hours.

Actually use your reference check data

Our competency-based scoring model ensures references are objective and job-relevant while understanding a candidate’s potential.

Create a passive talent pipeline through references

Invite references to join your talent network and create a new source for talent with an activity you’re already completing.

Customer story:

70% Less Time Spent on Reference Checking

“Prior to Outmatch, we were only able to gather an average of two references. With Outmatch, we’ve increased the number of references per candidate to include managers, peers or mentors. The candidate feedback is stronger and more detailed, giving everyone involved in the recruiting process a broader spectrum of data to better inform hiring decisions,” — Recruitment Director at VetPartners

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Reference: Powerful alone but better together

Our Hiring Experience Stack lets the candidate drive through automated hiring workflow. It creates an impactful employer brand experience, giving immediate feedback to every applicant. Just stack on your existing ATS and go.

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Create a better reference experience for all

Transform the reference checking process with Outmatch and see the difference of an experience driven by the candidate.

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