Video interviewing that humanizes the hiring experience

Outmatch Video Interviewing software creates a meaningful touch point in the hiring process for recruiting teams and candidates.

Scale your hiring process without making candidates feel like a number

Video interviewing has the power to transform your hiring experience. When you let the candidate drive the experience, you connect with them on their terms to create a process that 4 in 5 candidates rate as great.

Make your first impression with candidates count

Branded video introductions bring your company to life and showcase your culture, work environment and more.

Navigate out of the phone screen black hole

Recorded video interviews can take the place of difficult-to-schedule and time-consuming phone interviews.

Have a conversation with the tools you have

Integrates with Zoom or Microsoft Teams so you can use your existing platform to host interviews with the feedback and evaluation capabilities of Outmatch.

Collaborate and evaluate with your hiring committee

Share interviews collaboratively and create a structured process to increase objectivity and reduce bias.

Recorded interviews add speed to your hiring process

On-demand video is 6x faster than phone interviews because candidates can complete interviews at their own pace.

  • Recorded API: Allows video to be reviewed directly in your ATS

  • Automated feedback: Gives timely, relevant feedback to every candidate

  • Random question allocation: Delivers a fair and consistent experience

Empower candidates with automated scheduling

Get on the same schedule with candidates, without the pain of email back and forth and manual coordination.

  • Calendar sync: Save back-and-forth emails and give candidates real-time availability

  • Automated allocation: Schedule interviews based on your team’s availability

  • In your flow: Fully integrated in your candidate-driven processes

Get the big picture with live video

Evaluate every candidate fairly and help them give a great first impression.

  • Integrated: Automatically schedule with Zoom or Microsoft Teams

  • Collaborative: Integrated scoring and commenting for your team

  • Remote-ready: Remove location limitation and open up your candidate pool

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Customer story:

Transforming high-volume recruiting

Outmatch Interview improved MSX International’s time to hire by 20% and completely transformed their high-volume recruitment model.

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Interview: Powerful alone but better together

Our Hiring Experience Stack lets the candidate drive through automated hiring workflow. It creates an impactful employer brand experience, giving immediate feedback to every applicant. Just stack on your existing ATS and go.

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Create a better interview experience

Let candidates drive their interview process and humanize the hiring process at scale with Outmatch.

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