Engage candidates immediately with powerful assessments

Today the candidate has all the power. And today’s candidate doesn’t want to wait weeks to find out if they’re right for the job. That’s where Outmatch Assess can help.

Provide value to all candidates when the hiring experience matters the most. Right after they apply.

Outmatch Assess helps organizations thoughtfully evaluate candidates while creating an experience that everyone loves. A more efficient process is possible when you let the candidate drive.

Science you can trust

Flexible for your org

Engaging candidate experience

Backed by 35+ years of research

900+ job profiles

97% average completion rate

Use assessment data to create a personalized experience

  • Traits and competencies: Customize the assessment experience with 900+ out of the box job roles, or create your own using our agile profile process

  • Behavioral assessments: Predict performance with visually engaging behavioral assessments

  • Cognitive Assessments: Get further insights reading comprehension, numerical, logical and abstract reasoning assessments

  • Live Simulations: Provide candidates with a real view of what the job will be like and get real insights into their job-specific abilities.

Assess the skills that are tough to measure

Soft skills like creativity, collaboration, and adaptability are in high demand. Outmatch measures the must-have soft skills your candidates and employees need to succeed.

Outmatch Assessment

Go beyond job fit

Everyone has their own unique ways of work, just like every organization has a unique culture. Outmatch Assess takes you beyond skills and competencies with org fit measures.

Say goodbye to costly competency mapping with agile profiles

Create custom profiles in weeks for your highest impact, high-volume roles with an iterative, agile approach

Profile Identification

Identify the right role and present the findings and recommendations.

Role discovery

Through stakeholder interviews and surveys, identify what leads to success.

Refine and tailor

Ongoing review, feedback and recalibration to ensure success.

Implement the job profile

Build it out and conduct training for end-users.

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With OutMatch Assess You Can

  • Expand your talent pool: Compare a single candidate to multiple roles

  • Identify trends and gap:  Get real-time insights into usage, efficiency, diversity and more

  • Respect candidates time: Assessments in as little as seven minutes for hourly and 16 minutes for professional

  • Evaluate candidates side by side:  Compare multiple candidates to one job

  • Get started quickly:  Connect to your ATS and other systems in hours or days, not weeks

Customer Story:

Save millions in turnover costs

Outmatch Assess helped Chilis save $21M in hourly worker turnover costs year over year.

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Assessments: Powerful alone but better together

Our Hiring Experience Stack lets the candidate drive through automated hiring workflow. It creates an impactful employer brand experience, giving immediate feedback to every applicant. Just stack on your existing ATS and go.

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Create a better assessment experience for all

Let candidates drive their assessment and evaluation and humanize the hiring process at scale with Outmatch.

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