Winning the best talent in a tight labor market calls for new and innovative recruitment tactics. What worked even a few years ago doesn’t work anymore. Manual touches from recruiters are slow and unscalable, while fully automated processes feel cold and robotic. You need faster ways of filling openings, and better ways to engage candidates – not to mention a clearer, more consistent path to hiring the right people for your company.

If you’ve started using online tools like pre-employment assessments, you’re on the right track. These tools can help streamline your recruiting by instantly shortlisting top matches for the job. Newer, next-gen assessments are beautifully branded with sleek user interfaces, helping you stand out as innovative to potential hires.

But this is only part of the solution. Next, top matches need to be reviewed, phone screened, and interviewed, which can be a very time-consuming leg of the process. What if you could make all this faster and more collaborative, while still creating strong connections with your candidates?

With video interviewing software, you can! You’ll not only enjoy increased collaboration and efficiency, you’ll also benefit from greater consistency across interviews, as well as flexibility in reviewing candidates anywhere, anytime. This allows your teams to recruit the best talent, faster.

By adding video interviewing to your recruiting process, you will…

Increase candidate engagement

With video interviewing, your teams can design pre-recorded and live interviewing experiences to better engage with candidates. Companies can share branded content like welcome videos, connect with candidates and team members anywhere, and deliver a consistent message. Everything from the look and feel of the interview to the questions that are asked align with your company’s core values and are showcased to potential employees, giving them a one-stop introduction to your company.

Identify the best talent faster

In a tight job market, you need to identify the best candidates and recruit them before your competitors. With video interviewing, candidates can respond to an interview quickly, because there’s no need to take time off from their current job or travel in. Hiring teams can watch candidate videos as soon as they’re complete and select their top recruits right away, rather than waiting for phone screens, which could take days or weeks to get done. Instead, you’re on to secondary interviews without wasting any time!

Save recruitment costs

Meeting more candidates virtually means you can save onsite interviews for your most qualified finalists – which is especially important when you factor in travel expenses. But even without travel, you want your hiring teams focused on top contenders so they can make the right hire faster. Video interviewing helps drive efficiency, which reduces time to fill and productivity loss. On top of that, a better screening process will improve interview-to-hire ratio and overall quality of hire.

Reduce bias

Video interviewing is a great way to create consistency in your screening process and level the playing field for your candidates. Every candidate applying for a position is given the same questions, the same time to think, and the same time to answer. This makes apples-to-apples comparison easy and provides much-needed structure in place of unguided conversations that often veer off course. Hiring teams then score responses against pre-define criteria, which keeps evaluations fair and gives all interviewees an equal shot.

Improve collaboration

With video interviewing, you’ll meet more qualified candidates earlier in the process. Not only that, recruiters and hiring teams will be more connected, even if they’re not in the same location, thanks to increased collaboration and transparency. Pre-recorded and live video interviews can be shared, scored, and commented on immediately, so teams won’t waste any time tracking each other down for feedback. Since evaluation is collaborative and real-time, hiring teams will make better decisions faster.

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