Hiring to Win

In today’s job market, the candidate is in charge. Do right by your candidates by providing an exceedingly efficient, fair, and amazing experience for everyone.

The candidate is in charge

Candidates demand the best hiring experience. Yet the company-led hiring process takes weeks or even months.

Hiring has been company-driven for forever, and HR’s approach is cookie-cutter at best: review resumés, offer an assessment, phone screen, conduct face-to-face interviews.

If you’re the lucky one that gets the job then it’s a great experience.

For everyone else – too bad.

They are waiting and waiting after they apply.

They wait to hear if they’ve been chosen for the interview.

After their interview, they wait to hear about the next steps.

Candidates are lucky if they hear anything at all.

The traditional process for volume hiring is inefficient for both employers and employees. It’s unfair to candidates and it’s filled with processes for recruiting teams that force them to focus on efficiency for one candidate instead of all candidates.

The companies that are winning the fight for talent are letting each candidate drive the process.

This creates an exceedingly efficient hiring journey that enables recruiting teams to find, hire, and retain the best candidates for today while nurturing the talent pool of tomorrow.

Your applicant tracking system alone is not going to solve any of your massive hiring challenges.

Let the candidate drive.

We are in the era of the candidate. The candidate is in control of who they want to work for and where they want to work. The most efficient and best hiring experience wins.

Your recruiting team can’t get to everyone with the current model. But the Hiring Experience Stack can, and at scale.

When you transform the hiring process into a candidate driven experience, candidates get value from you, you attract more qualified candidates, build brand loyalty, and gain an unfair competitive advantage.

With the Hiring Experience Stack you remove inefficiencies and let candidates drive through an automated hiring workflow of assessments, virtual interviewing, and reference checking. Giving immediate feedback to every applicant.

This creates a unique experience where candidates can move at a pace that suits their unique needs.

We knew that letting the candidate drive the hiring process would improve the experience. We also discovered that this accelerated time to hire, improved quality of hire, and directly impacted turnover positively.
Are you ready to shift to a candidate-driven approach to hiring?

Show Me How

Find the best candidates, faster.

Candidates are the most engaged immediately after they apply. Instead of keeping them waiting weeks — engage with every candidate at scale immediately after they apply. You can use this data to prioritize and personalize the hiring experience.

Give your best candidates the fast lane

Ditch the back and forth and make sure you don't miss an opportunity to interview great candidates. Streamline and scale the interview process with on-demand video interviewing that's 6x faster than the phone screen black hole that everyone hates.

Scale volume hiring without growing your team

The market-leading Hiring Experience Stack helps you save time on things that can be automated, hire better candidates faster, and at scale with no additional headcount needed.

Create a better candidate-driven hiring experience with Outmatch

The Hiring Experience Stack is a thoughtful orchestration of assessments, video interviewing, and reference checking that breathes life info your ATS. Explore how we layer these products to humanize the hiring experience at scale.