Outmatch: Humanizing the Hiring Experience at Scale

We created a new category, the Hiring Experience Stack, because we saw the fragmented, transactional reality that causes a poor candidate experience for millions of job seekers every year. Over 1,000 global companies have joined our journey to let the candidate drive their own experience and humanize the hiring process forever.

How we created the Hiring Experience Stack

We composed a layer of assessments, video interviewing and reference checking that helps organizations scale while humanizing the experience.

In 2015, two companies — Chequed.com and Assess Systems — combined to become Outmatch.

In 2017, Outmatch acquired Pomello.

In 2019, Outmatch acquired Wepow and The Devine Group.

In 2020, Outmatch acquired Checkster, FurstPerson and LaunchPad Recruits.

In 2021, Outmatch joined forces with Harver.

Matching people with purpose starts here

We’re people first and Outmatchers second, but we’re all on a mission to help everyone find purpose in their careers.

Build Bridges

Our success as colleagues, clients and partners determines my success at Outmatch. Bridges enable us to cross chasms, meet face to face, experience new ways of being and help others do the same.

Pack Light, Travel Fast

Pack just what you need and unpack the things that weigh you down. Simplify, and keep moving. Learning what to pack and what not to pack is critical. While we absolutely honor the past, we need to focus on future growth without legacy baggage.

Sherpa Attitude

This is servant leadership at its finest. Equal parts selflessness and helpfulness, preparation and foresight, ownership and agency. This is the attitude that solves problems and celebrates others’ success.

Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to helping enrich the lives of others through company donation to charitable organizations like these:

What’s the Hiring Experience Stack?

It’s more important than ever to deliver a humanized hiring process for every candidate. But even organizations that do a great job of hiring aren’t creating a great experience for a vast majority of candidates. That’s why Outmatch created the Hiring Experience Stack.

Change the story of your hiring experience